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Rules of Play


A player must attend as many trials as possible to be considered (provision given to late trialists). The camp counts as 2.

Initial trials are for the purposes of elimination (all players given a minimum of two trials)

Players can trial for any team they are eligible for, but will be guided by coaches


Special consideration given to previous CrossWhites. This is because their commitment and ability is already proven

Player selection dependent on ability, position (versatility an asset in tournament football) & character

For a player to be selected they will need to agree to ‘Rules of Play’

  • Understanding the CrossWhites represent the New Zealand Christian Football Ministries (NZCFM) and they will hold this organisation in high regard
  • While professing to be a Christian is not a condition for selection, upholding the Biblical values and opportune teaching times is
  • They will keep communications and responses to communications at a premium
  • They will attend at least 3 of the 5 planned training sessions prior to September and 3 of the 4 September training sessions/games
  • They will attend the camp planned prior to departure to Australia
  • They will respect all management/coaches and other players to the level that all from the outside and inside will see a united NZ CrossWhites group
  • There will be target payment dates which will need to be met. The total cost will be approx. $2600. This will cover airfares, gear, food, accommodation, registration, internal travel, insurance and a management fee. It is hoped the cost for management will be significantly reduced, depending on grant applications, fundraising and cost savings. Success in funding could also reduce the player fee.

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