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Selection Process


U14 - Born during or after 2007

U16 - Born during or after 2005

U17 - Born during or after 2004

U21 - Born during or after 2000

There are 7 trials/trainings plus a camp to give everyone the best opportunity. You need to attend most of the trials. However, the more you attend the greater the opportunity to impress. The camp doubles up as two trials.

The initial trials serve as part of an elimination process. Everyone will be given at least two trials before they are eliminated. I recognise it isn't the most enjoyable part of running trials but obviously necessary. It is good to see players who miss out the previous year try again. As a result a number a rewarded for their perseverance and obvious improvement.

When we are selecting our squads (16 outfield players and 2 keepers) we consider a number of factors:

Ability - We are very intentional in how we want to play. The teams we have taken have always played attacking possession football. As much as we want to win the tournaments we also want to show the players they need to develop technically and feel confident it is worth it.

Attitude - This is a team and this team is made up of a lot of different personalities. Attitude means you intend to respect everyone within the team (coaches, other squads, management included) and outside the team (refs, opposition, tournament officials and everyone we encounter). We have proudly taken well behaved and respected teams to these tournaments and will continue to be so.

Fitness - We recognise some players may come to the initial trials a bit unfit. What we are looking for is whether they make progress in this area through the process. Tournament football requires a high level of fitness. Also management of injuries is a factor.

Versatility - Being capable in more than one position is advantageous. It isn't just about being ok in more than one position, but good enough to start in more than one position.

Sacrifice - The NZ CrossWhites is growing considerably in prestige and opportunity. For this reason we expect players who want to be a CrossWhite to be prepared to make some sacrifices. These sacrifices mean occasionally making the CrossWhites trials & trainings as a priority. We don't intend to make life difficult in your other teams, but there are times when you can ask your coach if you can miss a training for the sake of the CrossWhites. We have done our best to set times with the least amount of clashes so we expect a positive return. Sacrifice also applies to coming up with the money. While $2600 sounds like a lot there are ways of raising it through fundraisers, sponsorship and work that will surprise you. Don't just ask mum & dad.

Communication - It isn't just the parents responsibility to keep up communication. It isn't just about us communicating with you. Communication is also whether you are asking questions that we have answered in emails or letters. This tells us whether you read important messages.

Tentative Trial Dates & Venues

Feb 7th - Papatoetoe

Feb 14th - Tauranga

Feb 19th-21st - Camp

Feb 28th - Whangarei

March 7th - Papatoetoe

March 14th - Huntly

March 21st - Tauranga

March 28th - Papatoetoe

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